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- 以色列國在末世預言中,扮演了什麼角色?
- 最近的以巴衝突,是否應驗了聖經中關於末世的預言?
- 近年猶太信主者急速地增加,與主再來有關嗎?
- 這些猶太信主者的近況如何? 他們正面對什麼困難?
- 在末後的日子,猶太信主者會遇上什麼事情? 他們到時所到之處是怎樣的?


日期:30/ 5/ 2021 (星期日)
時間:下午 2:30 – 4:30

1. 卓松柏博士 Dr Erez Soref (以色列聖經學院院長):以色列的末世世代–從沒出現過這麼多的預兆
2. 司徒永康醫生 (Dr SETO Wing Hong):一個非比尋常的旅程–滙報與彌賽亞猶太人探索末世預言中他們翻山越嶺所經過之地


The End Time Prophecy Symposium on 30th May 2021

Dr. Seto has a OnePage on Romans 13:1-7 addressing the proper Christian relationship to Governmental authorities. At this time, a good read for spiritual edification.

  • Romans 13:1-7 addressing the proper Christian relationship to Governmental authorities.
  • 羅馬書 13 章 1 至 7 節:基督徒與掌權者之間的正確關係

  • Announcement video for May HK Conference, 2019.

    Post conference interviews, 1st May, 2019

    Lectures from the Discipleship Conference 門徒訓練大會 May 2019

    門徒、職場、聖經 Discipleship in the Market Place
    講者: 林正財醫生( Dr. C. C. Lam)

    一生作門徒訓練的實踐、挑戰和祝福 A Life Time of Disciple Making - Practice, Challenges and Blessings
    講者: 汪學寧先生 (Mr. Hok-ning Wong)

    偉人也可以失腳(所羅門王的一生之啟示) How Even the Mighty Can Fall (From Life of Solomon)
    講者: 王康義牧師 (Rev. Mavin Wong)

    舊約如何幫助我們了解新約聖經 How Old Testament Helps Understand New Testament
    講者: Dr. Seth Postell

    靜觀冥想可否引導我們進入基督的心思意念? Will Mindfulness Lead Us to a Mind of Christ?
    講者: 王康義牧師 (Rev. Mavin Wong)

    如何進深研讀聖經 How to Go Deep in Bible Study
    講者: Dr. Seth Postell

    A Holy Land Trip on Prophesies with Bible, Brotherhood & Balance

    In early 2018, Dr SETO Wing Hong invited a core group of mature spiritual leaders who are committed to studying the Bible to study prophesies. The highlight of this series is to visit places in the Holy Land related to prophesy during the end of the study. For brothers and sisters who have never been to Israel and Jordan, this trip offers them opportunities to see landmarks including Mt Carmel, Galilee, Golan Heights, Jordan River, Dead Sea, Petra, Jericho, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

    The Holy Land (Psalms 78:54; Zechariah 2:12) is a unique place prepared by God. For the Jews it’s the place where God has promised them an eternal kingdom and inheritance. For Christians it is the place where God chose to send His Son, our Savior. When Jesus returns, the Bible says He will come to this land. It is a special land, set apart by God as the focal place for his dealings with Israel, the work of redemption, and the site of Jesus' second coming. ... Read more.

    Announcement video for May HK Conference, 2018.

    Announcement video for May HK Conference, 2018.




    Clear Prophecies on Jews at End times - Why does God give such details?

    Q and A Session with Dr. Erez Soref, Dr. Seto and Dr. Seth Postell