A Holy Land Trip on Prophesies with Bible, Brotherhood & Balance

In early 2018, Dr SETO Wing Hong invited a core group of mature spiritual leaders who are committed to studying the Bible to study prophesies. The highlight of this series is to visit places in the Holy Land related to prophesy during the end of the study. For brothers and sisters who have never been to Israel and Jordan, this trip offers them opportunities to see landmarks including Mt Carmel, Galilee, Golan Heights, Jordan River, Dead Sea, Petra, Jericho, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

The Holy Land (Psalms 78:54; Zechariah 2:12) is a unique place prepared by God. For the Jews it’s the place where God has promised them an eternal kingdom and inheritance. For Christians it is the place where God chose to send His Son, our Savior. When Jesus returns, the Bible says He will come to this land. It is a special land, set apart by God as the focal place for his dealings with Israel, the work of redemption, and the site of Jesus' second coming.

When we study the Bible, we read of many unfamiliar places. Did you ever know that Jesus will land in Bozrah for the first stop when He returns? Or just how Anti-Christ travels in the last days trying to get rid of God’s remnants? Where will the last great battle known as "Armageddon" take place? You could find answers to questions like these in numerous reference books, but there is no description in any book that can compare to the vivid sights, sounds and smells of actually being there. This tour is designed for us who want to have a deeper understanding of prophesies in the Bible, as well as important places mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible says the smallest letter or stroke shall never pass away from the Law (Matthew 5:18; Luke 16:17). Dr SETO will bring you to various Bible Affirming Truths (BAT) and Phenomenon of Amazing Details (PAD) during the trip. We have 47 people in the group from diversified background and of different characters. Let us be embracing and practice brotherhood with God’s love (1John 4:20) and serve each other with gifts from the Lord (1Peter 4:10). Travelling and site seeing are supposed to be a pleasure. We shall keep a balance to enjoy these two weeks!

預言之旅: 聖經、團契、平衡




聖經說律法的一點一滴都不能廢去(馬太福音5:18; 路加福音16:17)。司徒醫生會在旅程中告訴我們「聖經所肯定的真理」(BAT)和「令人驚訝之細節現象」(PAD)。我們47人有不一樣的性情及來自不同的背景,讓我們在上帝裡互相接納並實踐彼此相愛(約翰一書4:20),用恩賜彼此服事(彼得前書4:10)。旅遊和觀光應該是一種樂趣,我們要保持平衡,享受這兩週!

Tour Guides 導遊

Prof. Sheila GYLLENBERG (Israel)

Sheila was born in Canada and has lived in Israel since 1983. Now a naturalized Israeli citizen, she holds a master's degree in Jewish History from Israel’s Bar Ilan University. In addition to her work as a tour guide, she teaches at the Israel College of the Bible. She lives in Ariel, with her husband and four children.

舒娜佳蓮堡教授 ( 以色列 )

Dr. Yousef Rasheed ZREAGAT (Jordan)

Born in 1964 as a native Jordanian in an ancient Roman town Jerash, Yousef holds a PhD in English Language, Amman Arab University in 2013, a Master degree in English literature, Nile Valley University, Sudan in 2006, a Master degree in Tourism, Petra Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain 2009, a Bachelor degree in 1986 in English Language, Yarmouk University Jordan.

余錫夫博士 (約旦)

Itinerary 行程:

Day 1 (29/10一) 特拉維夫、希伯倫、猶大地
Arrive at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport at 7:10am (CX675). Travel to Lachish (Joshua10, 2King14:19, 18:14&17... Micah1:13). Continue to Hebron, visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Machpelah: burial place of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) and to the Valley of Elah (Battle field of David and Goliath in 1Sam17:2). Stop at Tel Beth Shemesh, overlooking the Sorek Valley, where the Ark was returned from the Philistines (1Sam6). From here we can see Tel Zorah, the home of Samson (Judges13:24-25). After lunch, visit the Israel College of the Bible in Netanya and meet with members of the faculty and the media staff. Check into hotel next to the beautiful Mediterranean. Dinner at hotel.

乘搭國泰CX675班機早上7:10分飛抵以色列特拉維夫國際機場,乘坐大型豪華旅遊巴士前往以色列南部猶太山地,位於地中海與希伯倫山之間的近東荒廢古城拉吉(書10, 王上14:19, 18:14&17... 彌1:13),解說它的興衰,觀望及回想昔日約書亞與亞摩利五王爭戰之地,當時上帝令日頭停留,月亮止住約一日之久。之後東行約35公里往西岸南端希伯倫,參觀與第一聖殿同期建築之列祖亞伯拉罕、以撤、雅各葬地(創23:16),再向西北走約半小時到大衛打敗哥利亞位於伯利恆以西約30公里的戰場以拉谷(撒上17:2),然後在附近的伯示麥廢墟觀看菲利士人歸還約櫃的梭烈谷(撒上6),在那裏我們可以看到參孫的家鄉瑣拉(士13:24-25)。 午餐後乘車前往內坦亞以色列聖經學院參觀,與本為世仇但因耶穌成為主內弟兄姊妹的猶太人和阿拉伯人見面,了解他們的事工。之後入住內坦亞酒店,休息及享受地中海迷人日落景色,晚上在酒店晚餐。

夜宿內坦亞 Hotel in Netanya
Day 2 (30/10二) 內坦亞、凱撒利亞、迦密山、米吉多
Breakfast in hotel. Visit the ruined Roman coastal city Caesarea: aqueducts, hippodrome, theater & Crusader city; Go up to Mt Carmel to view Mukhraka (where Elijah faced 450 prophets of Baal (1King18:19)) and Armageddon (Rev16:16); Explore Tel Megiddo (Josh17:11) with its 27 archaeological layers. Return to Netanya for the night. Bible Study (1) by Dr Seto after dinner.

酒店早餐後乘車前往羅馬時代以色列猶大首都該撒利亞,參觀於1966年出土遺址: 遠程輸水橋、羅馬競技場、劇場和十字軍城;再上迦密山觀看以利亞大戰450位巴力先知的平坦山崗 (王上18:19),遙望末日戰場哈米吉多頓 (啟16:16),之後探索有27層考古遺跡的米吉多廢墟(書17:11)。回酒店晚餐後與司徒醫生查考聖經(1)

夜宿內坦亞 Hotel in Netanya
Day 3 (31/10三) 耶斯列平原、加利利
Travel to Jezreel Valley, continue to Nazareth; the Annunciation Basilica (Lk1:26-38), the “carpenter’s shop” under St Joseph’s Church; Old Synagogue where Jesus grew up and Mt Precipice (Lk4:29-30); We’ll tour and have lunch at Nazareth Village. Stop in Cana (Jn2:1-11, 4:46, 21:2). We’ll pass the Crusader battlefield at the Horns of Hattin, an extinct volcano crater, on our way to Mt. Arbel, where Jesus gave the Great Commission. On a clear day there is a wonderful view of Galilee & Mt Hermon. Dinner at hotel.

乘車前往耶斯列平原,之後去加利利拿撒勒,參觀天使報喜堂(路1:26-38),思想上帝宣告救恩的來臨。再去聖若瑟堂地下的木匠店,和主耶穌長大的老會堂。再去跳崖山(路4:29-30); 參觀拿撒勒集古村及在村內午餐,再到耶稣水變酒的迦拿(約2:1-11, 4:46, 21:2)。我們會經過十字軍東征的戰場,位於兩個死火山口的哈丁角;之後到耶穌頒布大使命的亞伯山,在那裏可以遠望加利利和黑門山的壯麗景色。回酒店晚餐。

夜宿加利利湖 Hotel in Ein Gev, Galilee
Day 4 (1/11四) 加利利
Travel to Chorazin (one of the 3 cities which Jesus rebuked, Lk10:13-15), Tel Dan (Judges18) and Caesarea Philippi (Mt16:13, Mk8:27) in Banias. Ascend Mt Hermon as we travel along the Syrian border, go to Golan Heights for lunch. Pass by Bethsaida, another of the 3 cities that Jesus rebuked. Bible Study (2) by Dr Seto after dinner.

往主耶穌咒詛的三個城市之一的哥拉迅(路10:13-15),廢墟,在班尼亞斯的該撒利亞腓立比,就是彼得認耶稣是永生神兒子的地方(太16:13, 可8:27), 再上靠近敘利亞邊境的黑門山,往哥蘭高地,午餐後到主耶穌咒詛另的一個城市伯賽大附近。回酒店晚餐後與司徒醫生查考聖經(2)

夜宿加利利湖 Hotel in Ein Gev, Galilee
Day 5 (2/11五) 加利利、約旦安曼
Visit sites related to Jesus’ ministry: pass where Jesus fed 4,000 (Mt15:29-39). Capernaum: Old Synagogue ruled by Jairus (Lk4:16-2, 18:41) and House of Peter (Mt8:14); Mt Beatitudes where Jesus delivered His Sermon on the Mount (Mt5:1); Multiplication Church where Jesus fed 5,000 (Mt14:13-21); Tabgha: Mensa Christi (Peter’s Primacy Church, Jn21) where Jesus reminded Peter to feed His sheep; Visit Yigal Allon Museum to view the 1st century Galilee fishing boat; Enjoy a Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee (Breaking of Bread 1). Enjoy a St. Peter’s Fish lunch. Ascend Mt. Tabor for an amazing view; we’ll remember Deborah and Barak’s victory over Sisera (Judges4) and the transfiguration of Jesus. Pass Nain and Mt Gilboa on the way to Beit She’an (Joshua17:11), one of the Decapolis cities. Enter Jordon via Sheikh Hussein Bridge, travel to Amman, the capital. Dinner at hotel.

往主耶穌在加利利傳道的地方,經過餵飽四千人的山坡(太15:29-39),迦百農睚魯主管的古代猶太會堂(路4:16-21, 18:41)及彼得家,之後登上八福山八福堂,感受耶穌向世人傳講八種有福的確據(太5:1)。到紀念耶穌餵飽五千人的五餅二魚堂(太14:13-21),再往位於塔加,耶穌吩咐彼得餵養衪的羊的彼得受職堂(約21章),之後前往位於加利利湖西北岸城市吉諾撒的以加爾‧亞隆博物館參觀使用於一世紀的漁船,並乘坐仿古木船加利利海敬拜分享(聖餐1),彼得魚午餐後登止他泊山頂,遠眺加利利至耶斯列平原一帶,景色盡入眼簾,在那裏我們可以記起先知底波拉巴拉戰勝西西拉(士4)及耶穌登山變像。經過拿因基利波山(撒上31:1-8),再往位於約但河耶列斯谷交界之瑪拿西族分地城邑,底加波里城市伯善(書17:11)考察,後經錫克胡辛橋過境到約旦首都安曼。回酒店晚餐。

夜宿約旦首都安曼 Hotel in Amman Jordan
Day 6 (3/11六) 尼波山、米底巴、波斯拉
Visit Mt Nebo from which Moses viewed the Promised Land (Deut32:49, 34:1) and the Brazen Serpent Monument. Stop at Madaba: 6th century mosaic Jerusalem map in St George Church. Explore the fortified hilltop palace of Machaerus where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded in 32AD (Mt14:8, Mk6:24). Travel to Petra. Bible Study (3) by Dr Seto after dinner.

往摩西遙望應許地的尼波山(申32:49, 34:1)遠眺死海,參觀為紀念摩西而建的銅蛇雕塑;往米底巴的聖佐治教堂欣賞最古老最大馬賽克耶路撒冷地圖砌磗。然後到主後32年希律斬下施洗約翰頭顱的馬蓋可斯堡(太14:8,可6:24)。酒店晚餐後與司徒醫生查考聖經(3)

夜宿皮特拉古城 Hotel in Petra
Day 7 (4/11日) 皮特拉、波斯拉、月谷
Tour fabulous Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataean Empire. View Sela in Arnon Valley from a distance. Visit Buseirah (Bozrah) (Isa34:6, 63:1, Jer48:24, 49:13 &22, Amos1:12, Micah2:12), the hiding place of God’s remnants in end-time. Lunch in Bozrah. Pass Wadi Rum, Aqaba and cross border to Israel’s south Red Sea city Eilat.

到考古遺跡納巴泰帝國首都皮特拉古城遊覽,午餐後到摩西谷看都恩人村,前往西拉波斯拉(賽34:6, 63:1, 耶48:24, 49:13&22, 摩1:12, 彌2:12)看上帝預言餘民在末世的避難所。經月谷、亞垮巴後入境以色列最南端城市以拉他。酒店晚餐。

夜宿紅海城市以拉他 Hotel in Eilat, Red Sea
Day 8 (5/11一) 以色列南地
Enjoy a relaxing morning by the Red Sea: swimming and snorkeling in Coral Reef National Park. Travel north along the Arava Valley to Timna to visit the 1:1 model of the Tabernacle. Lunch in Timna Park. Visit Solomon’s Pillars in the wilderness. Continue north to the hotel on the south of Dead Sea. Bible Study (4) by Dr Seto after dinner.


夜宿死海 Hotel in Dead Sea
Day 9 (6/11二) 隱基底、死海
Hike Ein Gedi where David hid from Saul (ISam23:29, 24:1). Enjoy the rest of the afternoon floating on salted water in hotel pool or Dead Sea (430m below sea level, 300m deep). Bible Study (5) by Dr Seto after dinner.


夜宿死海 Hotel in Dead Sea
Day 10 (7/11三) 死海 --- 耶路撒冷
Visit Qumran (the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1947 in Cave 4, the life of Essenes). Continue to Qasr El Yahud (“Castle of the Jews”) at the northern shore of the Dead Sea where the Jordan River enters, the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan Valley (Mt 3:13-17), where the Israelites crosses the Jordan River and Elijah ascended to Heaven, optional baptism. Lunch in Jericho (where we’ll also view a Sycamore tree and the traditional Mt of Temptation, as well as the Tel (mound) of ancient Jericho). Pass the wilderness between Jerusalem and Jericho, setting of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Stop at Bethany (Mt 26:6, Mk 14:3) home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus and visit his traditional tomb. Continue to Bethlehem where we’ll visit Shepherd’s Field, Manger Square, Nativity Church, St Catherine Church and Jerome Cells. Sharing by Dr Erez SOREF , President of the Israel College of the Bible after dinner.

往死海西北岸於1947年發現古卷的昆蘭,同時了解主後70年因羅馬提多將軍攻陷耶路撒冷而逃往昆蘭的愛色尼人生活。到死海北岸的約旦河受浸處,傳統相信施洗約翰於此為耶穌施洗,也是以色列入渡過約旦河和先知以利沙升天的地方,浸禮。西行8公里到千年古城耶利哥午餐,在那裏我們可以看到桑樹和相傳的試探山,還有古城舊廢墟。我們會停留在耶路撒冷和耶利哥之間的曠野,就是好撒瑪利亞人故事的所在地。後到伯大尼(太26:6,可14:3) 瑪大、瑪利亞和拉路是家鄉,看拉撒路洞穴,後入巴勒斯坦自治區伯利恒,參觀牧人野地馬槽廣場主誕堂聖加大利教堂耶柔米地下室。回酒店晚餐後有以色列聖經學院院長卓松柏博士分享

夜宿耶路撒冷 Hotel in Jerusalem
Day 11 (8/11四) 耶路撒冷
Temple Mt; the Western Wall, tour Western Wall (Rabbi) Tunnel, visit Bethesda Pools and hymn ‘Give Thanks’ dedication in St Anne Church, near St. Stephen’s Gate, Walk the Via Dolorosa, stopping at the “pavement” in the Sisters of Zion Convent to Holy Sepulchre. We’ll enjoy lunch in the Armenian Quarter. Mt Zion David’s Tomb Compound: Cenacle (Upper Room), Gallicantu (cock’s crow) (Mk14:30) where Peter denied the Lord 3 times. Visit the Israel Museum (Dead Sea Scrolls, scale model of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time, archeology section) Optional shopping in Ben Yehuda Street. Bible Study (6) by Dr Seto after dinner.


夜宿耶路撒冷 Hotel in Jerusalem
Day 12 (9/11五) 耶路撒冷
Tour the City of David, explore the 533m long, almost flat Hezekiah’s Tunnel (2Kings 20:20, 2Chron 32:2-4,30, Isa22:11, also known as Canaanite Tunnel, Siloam Tunnel), from Gihon Spring to the Siloam Pool. Option: for those who don’t want to tour the City of David, visit the Temple Institute, and spend time in the Jewish Quarter instead. The group will meet again at Robinson’s Arch, to tour the Southwall Excavations and the Davidson Center, read the Psalms of Ascent, followed by lunch. We’ll ascend Mt Scopus (Nob) and then continue to Mt of Olives: Church of Ascension; Pater Noster (the Lord’s Prayer) Church; Dominus Flevit (Jesus wept for Jerusalem, Lk19:41-44) and have breaking of bread (2); walk down along the Palm Sunday Road towards Gethsemane and Church of all Nations; end in Jerusalem with a tour at the Garden Tomb. Bible Study (7) by Dr Seto after dinner.

大衛城,行希西家水道 (王下20:20, 代下32:2-4,30, 賽22:11)至西羅亞池,不行水道的團友可選擇去聖殿學院,在猶太人區遊覽,再在羅便臣拱門集合,參觀南城牆之挖掘和大衛城。午餐後往北面5公里的斯科普斯山,向東面過汲淪谷上一公里外的橄欖山觀賞老城壯麗景色,參觀基督升天堂主禱文堂,至主哭耶京堂(聖餐2),回想耶穌為耶路撒冷哀哭的情景(路19:41-44),再沿棕樹主日路步行往客西馬尼園萬國教堂。其後到花園塚。回酒店自助晚餐後一同與司徒醫生查考聖經(7)

夜宿耶路撒冷 Hotel in Jerusalem
Day 13 (10/11六) 耶路撒冷、特拉維夫國際機場
Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport at 11:30am departing at 2:30pm (CX676) 酒店早餐後10時半上車,11時半到達特拉維夫國際機場乘坐國泰航空CX676 班機直航前往香港(2時半起飛) 飛行時間9小時30分鐘
Day 14 (11/11日) 香港
Land Hong Kong International Airport at 6:00am 早上6時半返抵香港

Setting out at the Hong Kong International Airport 28/10

Arrival 29/10 at Tel Aviv Airport

Visit to Lachish

Hebron, visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Machpelah: burial place of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob)

Visit to Valley of Elah, battle field of David and Goliath

Visit to Israel College of the Bible

Visit to Israel College of the Bible and group picture

Visit to Caesarea: aqueducts, hippodrome, theater & Crusader city At Caesarea

The Pontius Pilate inscriptions

Armageddon (Rev 16:16) View from Mt Carmel

Nazareth the hometown where Jesus grew up. Now a flourishing city.

Enjoying an ancient first century AD lunch

At Mt. Arbel, where Christ declared the Great commission

Sea of Galilee

Temple Ruins at Chorazin

Ruins at Dan

Caesarea Philippi (Mt16:13, Mk8:27)

Galilean Sunset

Mount Hermon Group Photo Take

Galilee boat trip and Breaking of Bread

Ruins at Capernaum

Capernaum City Hall and scrolls

Church of the Beatitudes (built 1938 near 4th century Byzantine ruins that commemorated the site). Early pilgrims marked a rock as the actual location.

Dr Seto and the First Century AD Galilee boat

Enjoying the Peter’s fish (big!)

Gazing onto the “Promised Land” from Mt. Nebo (Deut32:49, 34:1)

Fortified hilltop palace of Machaerus where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded in 32AD (Mt14:8, Mk6:24).

Arnon Valley, 舊約 Sela 所在地,河水流入死海東岸


The Petra Treasury, carved out of rock

Ancient road-marking rocks on the King’s Highway

Buseirah (Bozrah) (Isa34:6, 63:1, Jer48:24, 49:13 &22, Amos1:12, Micah2:12), the hiding place of God’s remnants at the end-times.
波斯拉 (賽34:6, 63:1, 耶48:24, 49:13&22, 摩1:12, 彌2:12)看上帝預言餘民在末世的避難所。

Soothing clouds in the Wilderness

Solomon’s Pillars, towering

Ein Gedi where David hid from Saul (1Sam 23:29, 24:1).

Ein Gedi 隱基底大衛泉

Floating on the Dead Sea, a tourist spot

Qumran Cave 4: the Dead Sea Scroll Cave
昆蘭第四號洞: 死海古卷發現之處

River Jordan, north of the Dead Sea where Jesus was baptised

The Shepherd’s Field in Bethlehem.

Waiting to enter Jesus’ birth place

The Wailing Wall

Rabbi’s Tunnel

The right side of the Western Wall where you can see the Robinson’s Arch, the pile of fallen stones from the second Temple and the market remnant.

Mount Olive in the background

Hymn singing (Give Thanks) inside St Anne’s Church

Bethsaida Pools

Stephen’s Gate with heavy bullet marks

The walk of Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper, the same spot where Peter denied knowing the Lord three times

The Western Wall with the fallen stones from the 2nd Temple.
西牆 羅馬軍隊推下的聖殿外圍大石

Reading Psalms of Ascent at the Steps of Ascent, Southern Wall
南牆上行石级 (讀上行詩篇)

Temple Mount from the Mount of Olive

Breaking of Bread in Dominus Flavit on Mt Olive.

Garden of Gethsemane, ancient trees
客西馬尼園 古樹

In front of the Temple Institute

Menorah exhibit by Temple Institute in Jewish Quarter of old Jerusalem city.

Hezekiah’s Tunnel inscription
希西家水道石碑 (王下20:20, 代下32:2-4,30, 賽22:11)

Jesus’ birthplace in the Nativity Church, Bethlehem
耶稣基督在百利恆出生地 (主誕堂)

Sidewalk in Via Dolorosa

Good Bye Israel, Ben Gurion Airport on 10th November
以色列再見! 10/11攝於特拉維夫本古里安國際機場

Epilogue 結語:
Traveling nowadays is much affordable and convenient than ever before. This allows more and more Christians to visit the Holy Land. 2018 is the 70th Anniversary of the modern state of Israel with incoming tourists projecting to be over 4 millions. Official statistic shows that 486,000 visitors arrived Israel in October this year, a record high in history! Majority of them were for sightseeing. But we traveled with a divine purpose: Nevuah BaMikra, embellished with evening study of the Scriptures! Visiting places once lived and traveled by people in the Bible makes Bible study strikingly vivid as it should be! Our visit to the Israel College of the Bible was eye-opening. Their use of multi-media to reach the Hebrew speaking world is astoundingly effective. We see a nation itself surrounded by hostile Muslim countries and its people filled with great opposition to the Gospel due to partial hardening of their hearts by God, over 2,000 years of very distressing history, and cultural and social taboo. We pray for this nation and its people to know the way, the truth, and the life: Yeshua is the one and only one to set them free. Amen!

現今周遊列國比以往任何一個時代都便宜和簡單,越來越多基督徒也因此能夠到聖地遊覽。 2018年是以色列復國70週年,全年入境旅客數字預計將超過四百萬,官方統計數據顯示,今年十月有48萬6千名遊客到以色列,創歷史新高!他們大多數是去觀光,但是我們則帶著神聖的目的旅遊:Nevuah BaMikra (聖經中的預言),加上傍晚的查經時段,別具意義!參觀曾經有聖經人物出現過或有聖經故事發生過的地點,必定會使日後查考相關經文時,更加感到真實有趣!今次到訪以色列聖經學院令我們大開眼界,他們使用多媒體接觸世界各地講希伯來語的猶太人,效果出奇地好。我們看到一個被充滿敵意的穆斯林包圍的國家,人民滿懷對福音的強烈抗拒,因為上帝使他們一部分人的心硬起來,加上他們二千多年的慘痛歷史,以及文化和社會的禁忌。我們為這個國家和民族祈禱,讓他們可以知道那道路,真理和生命:耶穌就是那唯一一個能夠釋放他們的人,阿門!