Bible Commentary


The aim of the one page is to help layman go deeper in their bible study but it cannot replace hard work to dig deep into His Word. Every one page is written only after careful study of the chapter using the best of the English translations. Each word of the original text either in Greek or Hebrew (or Aramaic) is also included in the study.

Furthermore the best of the exegetical commentaries are also consulted. When clarity on the chapter is ascertained, much prayers are given to the Lord for accuracy in interpretation and that all ideas are from Him. The page is written only after there is full confidence that it is done in harmony with the Holy Spirit.

There are three key purposes:

  1. Explain the main difficulties in each chapter that will confront the laymen. The aim is to do this as simple as possible. The original language is only quoted if this is deemed necessary in the explanation. Also when there are conflicting views, the most accurate one will be pointed out with the key reasons given to explain it.
  2. Provide the flow of the contents in the chapter of the Bible so that the reader will know what the chapter is about. In our Inductive Bible Study method, the first step is to identify the key thought(s) of each verse. Then one has to work out the flow of thoughts from one verse to another. The one page summary seeks to provide that flow for the chapter and the basis for it.
  3. Share important teachings and applications in the chapter. It is important that Bible Study is not just a mental exercise but it must change our lives. Thus in the text, applications that can make a difference will be shared. However in every one page, the last section is "Lesson to Ponder" to focus on at least one teaching for the reader.

The one page cannot replace personal meditation and applications. One reason for explaining the key difficulties is to enable the reader to further meditate and to write down their own thinking as the Lord speaks. They must then make applications that can change their lives. A Christian must indeed abide in His Word.