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Seto Wing Hong is a medical doctor who comes to know the Lord in 1962 when he was 14 years old. He was studying the Bible with the help of The Emmaus Bible Correspondence Course in Singapore. After reading the Gospel of Mark and John, there was a suggestion in the course to invite Christ into his heart, which he did, indeed a gracious gift from heaven. The next year, with the help of the Navigators, he started careful systematic Bible Study and has been doing it ever since, regularly and consistently, as the Lord enables. Many join in together to inculcate serious bible study as a pattern of life, amidst a busy schedule in the market place.

More importantly, from this emerges a network of lay people all passionately interested in careful study of the Scriptures. This present website is the fruit of such integrated studies from this network. They take the Bible literally at face value and as members mature, Biblical Greek and Hebrew are routinely a part of the study. It should be, if the grammatical literal interpretation of the text is taken as the standard method of study. With confidence, after years of study, we can declare that the Bible indeed never disappoints and so the website seeks to provide simple key information on the Scriptures, easily explained to the ordinary lay believer. We dedicate all this to the Lord and may the blessings of Scriptures in our lives be sprinkled broadly and deeply throughout the world.

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