Bible Prophecy

The Rapture II

The reasons for Rapture II when Christ saved the 144,000 at Bozrah

Definition: Rapture II is rapture of the 144,000 at the end of the tribulation when Christ returns.

1. In Rev. 14:1-5, the 144,000 is standing before the throne in heaven in the heavenly Zion. How did they get there? Surely, the best explanation is that they are raptured as in Rapture I and thus they are rejoicing on their victory by singing a new song.

2. This also harmonizes with Rev. 14:14-16, that Christ is sitting in the cloud and harvest with a sickle. He brings up the harvest to meet Him in the cloud as in Rapture I.

3. In Rev. 15:4-5 is the celebration for the completion of the tribulation. Standing there are all those who have victory over the beast. They sing the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb (3). Those singing the Song of Moses must be Jews and must be the 144,000 who is victorious to the end over the beast and is there by Rapture II.

4. If the 144,000 Jews are slaughtered during the tribulation, then they will cry out like the saints in the fifth seal (Rev 6:9-11).

5. Rev. 12:15, the vision is that the Serpent (Satan) tries to kill them by pouring water from his mouth. But in Rev. 12:16, the earth drinks up the water meaning they are saved. How can then they be slaughtered by the antichrist? The only way to avoid this is Rapture II.

6. Physical death and slaughter is always view in the OT as a tragedy. So the slaughter of the innocence in Jer. 31:15-16 and Gen. 37:35 on the presume death of Joseph. Then also the slaughter of Armageddon is depicted as a horror (Rev. 19:18). Also in Isa. 34:5-8 depicts Bozrah as a day of His vengeance and slaughter. How can God allows this also to be a day when all the 144,000 are slaughtered and their blood mixed with in the 200 miles dirge.

7. Then when He comes in Isa. 63:1-6 to save His people, it is just their spirit if they are all slaughtered by the army of the beast. Rapture II is definitely a better explanation.

8. In Micah 2: 12-13 is a prophecy that the Lord (the breaker) who will save and lead them out of Bozrah. There is no hint of any slaughter and the only way they can then appear next in the heavenly Zion in Rev. 14:1-5 is Rapture II.

9. In Mic. 5:8-9 and Mi. 7:15-17, are promises of final miraculous victories of the remnant over their adversaries, that all the nations will be impressed. It seems so contradictory to then end with a great slaughter by the antichrist at Bozrah.

10. It is God's way as in the Exodus that when the world is judged, His people is specially protected (So Ex. 8:22; 9:4; 9:26 and Passover 12:13). So for the Tribulation, they are sealed and protected from natural forces. It does not seem logical that they are then allowed to be finally slaughtered and their blood mixed with the pagans.

11. For all the 144,000 to be present at Bozrah when Christ comes, they must have all already survived the bowls but without the two witnesses who are killed by the antichrist. No surprise for they are sealed and protected from natural forces. Indeed they are still susceptible to be slaughtered and that is why Christ comes to the rescue. Cannot imagine that they survive the bowls and then God let them be slaughtered in the end.

12. The 144,000 are called first fruits in Revelation 14:4. It means that they are the first harvest in a spiritual group. Note that they are resurrected at the end of the tribulation as evident in Rev. 14:3 for they are before God's throne. Thus, they are first fruits in the sense that they are the first OT saints to be resurrected for the rest will only occur after Christ's return in Eze. 37:12-13.

13. The Jewish Remnant are promised great victories in Micah 5. They will be like a lion and also no one can rescue or match them (Mi. 5:7-8). Then in Micah 7:13-16, God will show them miracles like the Exodus and all nations will be ashamed. Furthermore, in Jer. 23:7-8, it will even be greater than the Exodus. It is difficult to see how these prophecies are affirmed if they are all killed by the antichrist. But rapture II will indeed uphold this.

14. In Rev. 11:1, there is a firm promise that God will preserving the holy of holies (naos) will the rest of the temple will be given to the nations rule by the antichrist. The worshippers in the temple is obviously the 144,000 or at least a good portion of them. Also the two witnesses will be protecting them. Thus the saving of the 144,000 by Rapture II is the best way to affirm that fulfilling of these promises. Furthermore, if the two witnesses are also caught up finally, it does not make sense if then very soon, the antichrist successfully slaughter the 144,000.