Bible Prophecy

Micah 7:13-17: God protects the fleeing remnant during the Tribulation as in the Exodus.
The remnant are Jews believing in the Messiah who will have to flee from the antichrist.

Summaries of relevant background information from related passages.
The book of Micah, like Isaiah is a warning of God’s judgment as the Jewish nations fall into sin. However it predicts that there will be an emergence of the remnant in the end. In Chapter five, it is already stated that this will be after the birth of Christ (5:3) and the remnant will be victorious among the nations during the Tribulation (5:8). Note that in the NT, the believing Jews are already told to run when the antichrist invades Jerusalem (Matt. 24:15-18; Mk. 13:14-16). This present passage will provide more details. Micah seven begins in v1-4 by depicting the evil state of the Jewish nations and v4 is a clear prediction that their punishment will come. Indeed the Northern Kingdom was destroyed in 722 BC and Judah in 586 BC. Then Mi. 7:7-9 is a cry from Micah as a representative of the remnant how they will keep on trusting God and that He will plead their case (9). This is true in history for the remnant minority has to suffer their nations’ destructions with their evil compatriots but God protects them and so the Jewish people survive up till the present. Starting from v10 are predictions on how God will restore and uplift the remnant. The predictions in v10-12 are amazing, like their enemy feeling shameful (10) before being trampled down as mire and destroyed. This must be at Armageddon when the antichrist’s armies are destroyed for in v11-12 the building of walls and extension of boundaries after that (11) can only occur in the Millennium. Especially so for in v12, many will come to Israel from sea to sea. They are not Jews for the word “return” is not used and so must be gentiles fulfilling 4:1-2 when Christ rules the world. Note that there is no record up till now of any enemy of the Jews feeling such shameful regret for hurting them, further affirming that the above must be in the future.

Explaining the Passage – Micah 7:13-17
In this context it is logical to take v13-17 and as another scenario for the remnant. In particular is v15, stating that it will be as in the days of Exodus, which is not seen in Israel’s history even after 1948. The earth’s desolation in v13 is due to their evil deeds, thus pointing it to the Great Tribulation of the future. In v14, “fruitful field” in Hebrew is actually “Carmel” and can be read as Carmel on the west coast while Bashan and Gilead are on the east of Jordan, north of Judah. Actually the remnant or the flock of God’s possession in v14 seems to be on the move to the north of Judah and it is in this context that God will in v15 show them miracles just like coming out from Egypt. It is as in Rev. 11:4-6 when the remnant is on the move led by the two witnesses, performing miracles similar to those in Exodus and with His powers they will destroy their enemies. It is also predicted in Rev. 12:14 that God will take the remnant by the two wings of the eagle (i.e. the two witnesses) to a place in the wilderness. As the remnant moves, their enemies are ashamed of their own might or strength (16) for they cannot stand against them and in defeat they will come trembling to the Lord (17). It also fits well with Mic. 5:8 that as they move, the remnant will be like young lions destroying their enemies on the way.
Final observation: The remnant has appeared and they are the present Messianic Jews. In all previous judgments of the Jews, the remnant endures it with their compatriots as He delivers them. Surely for the Tribulation it will be the same and they will not be raptured, but with the 144,000 they will be led victoriously by the two witnesses till He returns.