Bible Prophecy

Isaiah 34:1-10, 63:1-6 and Ezekiel 35:1-9


Battle of Bozrah to deliver Israel’s remnant.

This is a key event predicted to occur at the end of the Tribulation when Christ returns.

Summaries of relevant background information from related passages.
Rev. 12:14-16: God has a safe shelter for Israel’s remnant in the mountains but this will come to an end. The two witnesses with superpowers, protect them are killed by the beast in Rev. 11:6-7 and Israel, the woman will be pursued (15). Water from the serpent’s mouth is the Antichrist’s armies pouring out to destroy Israel. In v16, the earth drinking up the water is a vivid imagery of how by a vast earthquake the armies are fully eliminated.

Explaining the Passage:
A. Isaiah 34:1-10: Amazingly this passage predicts precisely that event with the earthquake and carnages. It starts in v1-4 by calling all peoples of the world to closely listen. Armies coming from all nations will be severely judged, linking it is to the end of the Tribulation when such armies are gathered by the Antichrist in Rev. 16:14. They assemble at Armageddon but some of them can cross the Jordan in pursuit of Israel after the demise of the two witnesses. Note in v10, the battleground of this event will be laid waste forever. Such a waste area does not presently exist, confirming that it must be in the future. The slaughter will be severe and drenched with blood (3). In v4, the stars wearing away and falling like leaves with the sky rolling up is probably how it appears to those standing on earth. There must be a severe earthquake with smoke and fire engulfing the sky and thus the host of heaven will appear to be in motion. The location of the event is clearly stated in v5-7 to be in Edom with v6 precisely identifying the city Bozrah. In v6-7, the animals mentioned with the excess blood must be metaphorical for v5 refers to the human slaughter as judgement by His sword and not for animal sacrifices. Then v8-10 affirms that it is God’s vengeance for the cause of Zion. Volcanic activities will probably persist in these locations such that the land will be laid to waste forever.
B. Isaiah 63:1-6: Isaiah is speaking to the people in Zion or Jerusalem in 62:11-12 when he sees in a prophetic vision the majestic figure in v1-2. He identifies Himself as righteous and mighty to save. Hence He is Christ our savior and is seen arriving (JPS says cometh) from Bozrah in Edom. It’s only possible if He is flying in from the distant mountains but why is His garment red? It is the blood of a massive slaughter done for the redemption of His people (3-4). This must be His Second Advent but note that He is alone. So it is not Armageddon when He will descend with armies from heaven (Rev. 19:11 & 14). As it is Bozrah, this must be the slaughter depicted in 34:5 against the armies of the antichrist and in v5-6 His acts of anger is to bring salvation. The exclamation that there is no one to help perhaps refer to the demise of the two witnesses who have been protecting the remnant.
C. Ezekiel 35:1-9: The Battle of Bozrah is further confirmed by this passage as Mt. Seir is another name for Edom. Similarly God will judge with immense bloodshed (6-8) and it is made desolate forever (9). Actually Edom is already predicted to be destroyed in 25:12-14 with other nations which is fulfilled when Babylon invades at about 600 BC. Yet Edom’s destruction is again predicted here, confirming that this battle will occur in the future.
Linking Bozrah to Micah 2:12-13: But why are the remnant in Bozrah and what will be their outcome? In v12, “fold” in Hebrew is literally Bozrah and translated as such by KJV, TNK and QBE. They are gathered there by the Lord as the armies pursue them and He the “breaker” at their head (13), will free them to be transported to worship God in Rev. 14:1-3. It must be vital for the remnant to know of this event and thus the repeated predictions.