Bible Prophecy

Isaiah 11:10-16


Areas of God’s remnant migration in the end time before the Millennium.

A brief outline of events and their locations for God’s remnant is provided.

Summaries of relevant background information from related passages.
Summary of Isaiah chapter 11-12: The two chapters together are a message of restoration right after Isaiah’s grim prophecy on the Assyrians’ invasion. It acclaims that ultimately the Messiah, the righteous branch of David will rule. This is depicted in 11:1-9 and will be in the Millennium. Then 12:1-6 is a thanksgiving song, when His salvation for the whole world is consummated and actually Jesus’ Hebrew name “Yeshua” is there in 12:2. Then inserted between these two passages is this prophecy of the remnant in v10-16. It provides vital information on the remnant that is related to this final restoration.
Summary of prophecies on the eternal destruction of Edom, Moab and Ammon: These are territories presently in the Kingdom of Jordan east of River Jordan. When Christ returns, He will descend into Bozrah in Edom (Isa. 34:6) to eliminate the antichrist’s army (see 1-page on Isa. 34:1-10). Severe earthquakes will destroy the terrain and it is clearly stated that Edom will then lay waste for all eternity (Isa. 34:10). This is confirmed in Eze. 35:2 & 9 (Mt. Seir is Edom). Then Zep. 2:9-10 prophesied that Moab and Ammon, which are just north of Edom will also be desolate forever like Sodom. The earthquakes must be so devastating that they extend to the north. They harmonize really well with Eze. 47:13 to 48:29 when Israel is divided up for the 12 tribes in the Millennium. In Eze. 47:18, the eastern border is the Jordan River (see Fig. 1) and does not include Edom, Moab and Ammon. To lay waste forever means that they are uninhabitable even in the Millennium.

Explaining the Passage and evidence for fulfillment: Isaiah 11:10-16
Isaiah starts by referring to a special period when gentiles are signaled to come and they will seek the Messiah (10). Paul quotes v10 in Rom. 15:12 to affirm that Christ is for the Gentiles in this present era of evangelism. So v11-12 should be in this same era, when Isaiah predicts the ultimate return of the remnant. In Hebrew, two words are used, namely “yasaph” and “sheni” meaning “adding on a second time”. So it’s not the first return of the Babylon exile but the present second Zionistic return to Israel. They are indeed from the four corners of the earth and from them are emerging the Messianic Believers who are the genuine remnant in the Lord. In v13 Ephraim and Judah will be united, which is definitely true in the present return. All these events are presently fulfilled but this isn’t so for the subsequent verses. Gaza Strip which is a part of the Philistines slopes, with Edom, Moab and Ammon are currently not under Israel’s governance but v14, predicts that the remnant will take and possess them. However as explained above, Edom, Moab and Ammon will be destroyed when Christ returns. Thus v14 must occur during the Tribulation before His second advent and these are areas that the remnant will be going to in that period. Then v15 on the Sea of Egypt (i.e. the Red Sea) and the River (i.e. the Euphrates) must also ensue in the Tribulation and in accordance, Rev. 16:12 also predicts the drying up of the Euphrates. Lastly v16, is most likely in the Millennium when a highway is predicted to be present in 19:23 to facilitate the converging of all nations to Jerusalem (2:2-3).

Linking Isaiah 11:14 to Daniel 11:41: The antichrist is predicted to invade the Beautiful Land or Israel but amazingly Edom, Moab and Ammon will be rescued out of his hand. It is because the remnant will take these areas and probably the two witnesses of Rev. 11:3-6 with their super powers play a role in rescuing these areas from the antichrist.