Bible Prophecy

Hosea 1:10-11; 2:23; 3:4-5


All conditions are met for the return of the Messiah.

Gentiles are evangelized, Messianic Jews are to appear and then Christ will soon return.

Summaries of relevant information from related passages:
These passages in Hosea are quoted in Rom. 9:23-26 and in 1Pet. 2:10 in the NT.
A. Rom. 9:23-26: Paul says we are vessels of God’s mercy that God has called, from both Jews and Gentiles. For the calling of the Gentiles, he quotes Hos. 2:23 in v25 and Hos. 1:10 in v26 in support, because Hosea speaks of those who are “not My people” to be “My people”. Paul is definitely referring to the Gentiles here because next in Rom. 9:27-29, he quotes Isa.10:22 and 1:9 to support the calling of the Jews.
B. 1Pet. 2:10: Peter is calling NT believers to grow, as they are now God’s holy people. These must be Gentiles for they were idolaters before conversion (1Pet. 4:3). In support, he quotes Hos. 2:23. Both of these NT passages quotes Hosea as if they are now fulfilled.

Explaining the Passage:
The Northern Kingdom Israel is deep in sin and Hosea is the prophet sent by God to rebuke them in a drastic way. He is to marry a harlot and pleads with her to abandon her harlotry (Hos. 1:2; 2:2). Hosea is to use this to show Israel that she is like this adulterous harlot and must similarly repent. However, he (Hos. 1:4 & 1:7) already predicts that Israel will end while the Southern Kingdom Judah will be delivered.
A. Hos. 1:10-11: Hosea rebukes Israel in each of the first three chapters but always ends with a promise of restoration. In v10, it states that the sons of Israel will be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured. In the context, Israel is the Northern Kingdom but 1:4 already predicts that she will be put to an end. How is it possible then to harmonize 1:4 and 1:10? Fortunately, Paul in Rom. 9:26 states that it refers to the Gentiles. Indeed, in 1:10b, they are declared as sons of the living God and thus akin to sons of Israel. His inspired statement must be accepted and it is entirely fulfilled. Gentile converts today are surely like the sand of sea and are immeasurable. Paul never quotes v11 and so here, the sons of Judah and of Israel must be referring to Jews. In fact, the Messianic Jews fits in all the details in v11. They are remnants from both Judah and Israel who are gathered back to the land and they have one leader who is Christ the Messiah. “Jezreel” at the end of v11 is the name of Hosea’s son in 1:4 and it means “God sows”. Day of Jezreel is to acclaim that God will sow, or that He will do it and it is occurring before our very eyes.
B. Hos. 2:23: In v21-22 is Israel bless with agrarian prosperity, which is fulfilled today. If v23 is the Gentiles’ conversions as stated by Paul, it fits the present state of the world.
C. Hos.3:4-5: In 3:1-3, he speaks of a probation period before full marital reunion after his harlot wife repents. It has a prophetic message in v4. For many days, Israel will not have a king, meaning she is not a recognized nation. Without sacrifice or pillar is to have no temple and no high priest as the ephod is his garment. A vital point is to have no idols. In v5 is Israel’s final restoration when she fulfills the last prediction of returning to seek the Lord and David their king. Note that there is one verb “seek” but two objects. In Hebrew, both have the particle “et” which means both are direct objects. Generally, with “et” there is only one direct object but this is actually the case if the Lord God and David their king is the same person and it is so if He is Christ the Lord. With Israel’s rebirth in 1948, almost all the predictions in v4 are in place. The Messianic Jews are now fulfilling that last prediction and it is all set for His return. The next big event is the Tribulation and surely, the Messianic Jews will be entering it, to play their key role in this great epoch.