Bible Prophecy

Amos 9:11-15


Restoration of the Jewish Remnant who will be leading Gentiles to Christ.

Israel is declared an independent nation in 1948 at a site that is preserved as a museum, known as Independence Hall. This passage is engraved on the wall indicating a belief by the present Israel, that this is a prophecy fulfilled. Evidence shows that this is correct.

Summaries of relevant background for related passages.
1. Book of Amos: The theme of Amos is a rebuke to the Northern Kingdom Israel at about 760 BC. They are to hate evil and love good, that they may live (KV 5:14-15). In the book Israel is strongly rebuked, ending in 9:10 that all sinners will be destroyed. Sadly the Northern Kingdom is eliminated at 722 BC but the preservation of the house of Jacob is promised in 9:8 and a future restoration of Israel in the last five verses (9:11-15). 2. Acts 15: 13-19: The 1st Church Council is among Jewish believers, deliberating on the issue of gentiles led to Christ by Jews. Chairman James concludes that this is acceptable as Peter is led by God to do it (14) and then quotes this very passage for support (16-17).

Explaining the Passage:
Amos 9:11-15 and evidence for fulfillment (verse by verse):
V11. Usually passages on the restoration after God’s severe judgments on Israel will depict the Millennium when Christ will return (e.g. Jer. 32:36-44; Mi. 4:1-4). But Amos is different for he speaks of simply raising David’s fallen booth. In Hebrew it is “sukkah” which is really a temporary shelter, such as those build to last a week for the Feast of the Tabernacle. Final fulfilment always use grand words such as “throne” or “kingdom” (e.g. 2Sam. 7:16). Yet “sukkah” is appropriate if it is referring to the present restoration as Israel will be laid waste again (Mi. 5:11-12; Rev. 11:2). Incredibly Independence Hall is such a site, made up in just one day for the ceremony and hence “sukkah” is an apt term. V12. In the Millennium, Palestine will be allotted only for the Jews by tribes as depicted in Eze. 47:13 to 48:29. As shown in Fig. 1, no allocations are given to gentiles. Yet v12 speaks of possessing Edom’s remnant and other nations who are called. But this is true in Israel today for 75% of the populace are Jews while the rest are gentiles under their rule or “possession”. More crucial is James quoting v11-12 to confirm that it is fulfilled in this age. The text in Acts is from the Septuagint (LXX), the Greek translation of the OT done in the 3rd Century BC. These are all hand-written and so minor variances are expected but here, there are only two key differences. In LXX, Edom (אדום ) is translated adam (אדם ) or mankind and “yarash” (ירשׁ ) or possess is “darash” (דרשׁ ) or seek. So Acts 15:17 reads “so the rest (or remnant) of mankind (adam) may seek (darash) the Lord”. The LXX is most likely correct for Obad. 18 prophecies that Edom will have no survivors. James quotes it to show that Jews will be leading gentiles to Christ. But the Messianic Jews are actually doing it today, leading especially the Arabs to Christ to fulfill this prophecy. This cannot occur in the Millennium for by then the whole world will know Him (Zech. 14:9). V13. Israel’s farms are today effectively mechanized and agricultural activities continue all year round with four harvests each year. This verse is surely fulfilled in modern Israel. V14. Israel today is truly a restoration of Jewish captives returning from all the world, rebuilding ruined cities and planting vineyards. So v14 is engraved in Independence Hall. V15. It is crucial to note that the promise here is never to be rooted out, although for 3½ years, Jerusalem will be given to the gentiles and the antichrist (Rev. 11:1-3). But Zech. 14:2 promises that half of the city will not be cut off and thus they are not rooted out. Then Christ will return in Zech. 14:3-4 to rescue them and begin His millennial rule.